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Warrior Report

Dear Warriors,

This past year and a half has challenged us in ways we never could have imagined. On my birthday in July 2020, Sparkle King started my day by playing “Courage” by Pink in which the chorus asks, “Have I the courage to change? Have I the courage to change? Have I the courage to change today?” It was the first time I heard it and it was a very sweet way for him to welcome me to my day. Little did I know then that the song was a foreshadowing to what was to come. The very next day, Sparkle King was out for a motorcycle ride and was in an accident. Our world changed in that instant. And that question, “Have I the courage to change?” has been the backdrop to all of the pain, the injuries, the emotions, the adaptations.

In December 2020, Sparkle Princess Frog moved in with us quite suddenly. She arrived terrified, but ready to do the work necessary to heal from a lifetime of trauma. We provided her with a safe space to break down the walls and the lies and learn what love is.

We maintained the course through intense crisis mode until it finally stabilized in the back half of October 2021. Riddled with compassion fatigue I, Sparkle Queen, took some time to myself to rest, recover, and rediscover who I am and what I want for my life. I realized how much I have changed and how honed my skills have become. My leadership, organization, flexibility, assess and adapt and respond, and creativity skills have flourished over the past year and a half because I chose to use those skills to keep my family on course and afloat. I have also learned to celebrate the wins. Every. Single. One.

So, when Sparkle Princess Frog broke her pattern of self-harm/suicide attempts by going 2 full months without either, we knew we had to celebrate in a way that would remind her every day just how massive that accomplishment is and “Warrior Pendants” were born. Through organic conversation with a few close friends and family members, we began to realize just how incredibly powerful, beautiful, and important these little celebration pieces are and we knew we needed to share them with the world. The income from them will allow us to fund other aspects of Sparkle Kingdom that we have planned including being able to pay for some therapy sessions for people who need it and want it but can’t currently afford it. To learn more about the meaning of the Warrior Pendants and their design elements, watch this facebook Live on the Sparkle Kingdom Warriors facebook page.

We also wanted to do something special to celebrate Sparkle Princess Frog’s one year anniversary of joining our family. Over the course of her first year here we had come up with quite a long list of affirmations that we would say together before bed every night. I worked with Guindon Creations to design and create what has become our “Warrior Affirmations” deck.

Every product we launch, every peer lead support we provide is as a direct result of our own journey of everything we thought we knew and thought we were disintegrating and us rising from the ashes. A phoenix. Victorious.

We are so pleased to welcome your journey to intersect with ours. We are honoured you have chosen to join with us in protecting vulnerability, celebrating wins, and inspiring healing.

Dance. Fight. Care. To Life!
Cher T Sparkle Queen
Sparkle Kingdom Warriors
P.S. Applications are now open for “Warriors Roundtable”.


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