Warrior's Roundtable

Several years ago as Sparkle King and I were in the midst of redecorating our dining room, I stumbled upon the most exquisite dining set. The crown jewel of the set is a massive round dining table with a raised centre that spins for ease of serving food and passing objects from one side of the table to the other. We were in awe. But the most awe inspiring aspects reveal themselves when we sit down with guests around the table. Conversation flows more easily and with greater inclusion as each person can see and hear everyone else. Our backs are to no one. We all become equals.

At Warrior’s Roundtable we offer a protected vulnerability peer lead space in which we are all equals. We all have our own stories, our own histories, our own set of circumstances that bring us together. We each walk our own path. Here, those paths intersect and we can share our setbacks, our wins, our pains, and our gains. We can grieve our losses, reframe our realities, and celebrate our successes.

This group meets once per month online and can be attended after completing the application and interview process with Sparkle Queen. This process is to ensure that a group environment is going to be beneficial for you at this time and to assess if there are other supports that would be beneficial to access first or in conjunction with this group. If this is deemed a good fit for you from both your and our perspective after the interview process is completed, you will be asked to make a minimum 6 month commitment to this aspect of your healing path. Every healing journey needs different supports at different points along it. You are exactly where you need to be and I am super proud of you for taking the initiative to give yourself the chance to continue walking your path.


For March – August Sessions.