Warriors Recalibrate

Mental illness loves to keep us stationary. We feel fatigued. Achy. Pained. Heavy. So, we bunker down in our cocoons and everything slows. There is a difference between rest which our bodies use to recover and rejuvenate and stagnation which decreases effective circulation, respiration, peristalsis, and creates a build up of stress hormones because our body isn’t being given a way to release them. It becomes a crushing cycle of feeling incapable of movement, so we stagnate which makes us feel even more incapable of movement and on and on until something breaks the cycle.

Warriors Recalibrate is that cycle breaker. We use the power of movement to recalibrate the body and mind to shift from stagnant to flowing. This is not a fitness class. We are not looking to break any records or even be dripping with sweat at the end. We are simply here to move together with focus and intention. We understand that not all days are equal, but that we can always do something. It may be as simple as laying in bed and flexing and extending our feet. Maybe we pick one finger and curl and uncurl it at each joint. Maybe we get up and full on dance to our favourite song. Always we move in some way. With each wee movement, our blood circulates just that little bit better, our breath becomes that little bit fuller, our nervous system sends signals that little bit more easily.

Fill up a glass of water. Put on clothes that feel like a hug. Bring a snack. Lets recalibrate and begin to flow again together. You are so fucking worth it.

Dates Available!

This program is $7/class plus tax. Time of class is 2 – 3:00 p.m. Available for ages 18+. You can take time for you!