Warriors Walk

We began walking routinely because Sparkle Queen got it in her head that she wanted to accomplish her first ever 10km walk/run. It just so happened that her completion day goal lined up with November 11 (Remembrance Day). Sparkle King is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Injury and Remembrance Day ceremonies are a trigger hotspot so we decided to pay tribute to our military members past and present in our own way. Instead of a 10 km walk, we did 11. Nearly every year since 2016, we have stood beside our car while listening to “In Flander’s Fields”, observing the silence, and standing at attention for “Taps” before walking the 11 km to pay our respects.

This year (2022), the amount of people who are already committed to walking with us this November has more than doubled. We hope that Covid restrictions will be lifted by that time so we can welcome more to join us. We do want people to continue to attend the Remembrance Day ceremonies because they remind our veterans that they are not alone or forgotten. Therefore, the walk will be happening on a yet to be determined date sometime in the first 10 days of November. We will be accepting donations that will be given to a local Legion so they can continue to do the incredibly needed work of caring for Veteran’s and their families throughout the year.

We will be watching Covid restrictions and assessing when we can begin to offer an outdoor walking group so we can gain the benefits of practicing our stamina together. In the meantime, movement improves mood. We encourage you to go for a pace around your home or get out and go for an outdoor stroll. Watch “The Warrior Report” for updates.

Dates Coming Soon!