Lifting the Fog


We all have those moments when everything is swirling through our brain and it is so overwhelming that
it paralyzes us and we can’t see how or where to take our next step. We know we need to make that task
list or idea list or put our jumbled thoughts out where we can see, process, analyze, and manage them. We
need the sun to break through and suck the dampness from the air to lift the fog.

I, Cher T Sparkle Queen, am that sun!

During a “Lifting the Fog” session, I will be your scribe as you verbally empty your brain through my
fingers onto a digital page. By the end of our 30, 60, or 90-minute session together, we will have
transformed the chaos from your mind into calmness in the form of a neatly typed and organized
document – including prioritization of your top 3 items!! The fog will be lifted.


30 Min., 60 Min., 90 Min.