Polishing the Silver


I am meticulous when it comes to the editing and polishing process of any work I put out, but even I get
someone else to look over my pieces before spreading them to the masses! We spend so much time with
our own work and put so much of our heart and soul into our creations that we can often become
oblivious to how it appears or sounds to someone who is not inside our intent.

“Polishing the Silver” sessions put an objective pair of eyes on your work to notice the spelling and
grammar errors and to ensure your intention is portrayed clearly.

Session options:

1. 60-minute in-person session. This option is best suited for simple graphics and short documents
that can be easily edited and polished in an on-the-fly style conversation.

2. Leave it with me. Minimum 60 minutes retainer and charged by the quarter-hour of work
thereafter. This option comes with an estimated return by the date that will be determined based on
the size of the project to edit and polish and the current work already in my cue. All projects will have an
initial questionnaire to fill out with an optional 30-minute briefing and will be sent back with a
detailed suggestion sheet with an optional 30 or 60-minute debrief.

Session Options

60 Minute In Person, 30 Minutes Drop off Briefing, 60 Minute Retainer, 1/4 Hour Retainer, 60 Minute Debriefing, 30 Minute Debriefing