Releasing the Pressure


In the past 10+ years of working through my own challenges, supporting people as a registered nurse, and
supporting people as a friend, I have observed that this one skill I possess is the basis for my success as an
advocate, friend, caregiver, and human. I shut up and listen. I create safety for vulnerability simply by
being present and silent while the other person speaks or feels their feelings through tears, screaming, pacing,
laughing, etc. Quite often that bubble of empathy in which they can externally process the internal
struggle is exactly the support they need.

“Releasing the Pressure” combines my skills with a gentle paced 30, 60, or 90 minute walk in which you
get to say all the things out loud that you never feel like you can or should say and I listen. No advice. No
judgement. Only the occasional question or comment as needed.

*Everything you say is confidential except for the mandated reporting items. I am legally responsible to
report if you disclose that you are at risk of harming yourself or others or if there are children in danger.

Price: 30 min: $25 60 min: $50 90 min: $75


30 Min., 60 Min., 90 Min.